Friday, October 24, 2008

Carried Away

I admit it, I bought in to the retail high of the last two years. I was finally part of a DINK (dual income no kids) family, had a secure job, and little to no credit card debt. I was able to buy $200 jeans and makeup at Saks and I rationalized the added expense.
I also admit that a lot of my image was just that: image. The thrill of tricking someone into thinking I had spent loads of money on an outfit only to admit that yes, it was from Target provided a greater high than actually spending $400 on an outfit.
Fast forward to the present day: we are now suddenly a SINK.
My self appointed new job as of today is to help replace all those expensive things we thought we couldn't live without. Using my research skills and past style sneakiness I'll be giving suggestions on how to reduce your spending while still looking fabulous.
I'll even search for you if you have a request - I've got the free time for a while!

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